Jack and the beanstalks

28 09 2012

A special greeting to Uncle Jack, who helped publicize my blog in Western Pennsylvania. Technically he’s not my uncle, but that’s how we refer to him when we mention him to the kids. Is there such a thing as an uncle in law? He’s a great guy, much funnier than me. Anyway, I was pointing out the beanstalks to Jack when he was visiting the other week. “What beanstalks?” you may ask. Well, I saw a picture of a playhouse that somebody made using vining flowers and decided to rip off pay tribute to the idea. Wouldn’t it be great to have a play house for my daughter made out of plants?

Of course, the plant of choice was the dream plant of every little girl- Beans! And not just because I needed a place to plant them this year. That too, but this was really a fun project for her. Really, it was. She could play and have a healthy snack at the same time. And the family could eat the extras. The final result turned out pretty well, if on the tiny side. There are only so many children that can fit in a 4 square foot teepee. It will have to be much bigger next year. I need some beans for freezing, er, I mean that she needs more room to play with her friends. Thinking maybe a tunnel next year, or a lean to. Maybe a Cape Cod. Split Level? Those were really good beans. Freshly steamed, lightly seasoned. Mmmm, beans. That was one delicious playhouse.

beanstalk play house

Any suggestions for other plants to add to the playhouse next year? Send me a note…



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24 08 2013

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