Frozen French Fries

17 02 2014

Potato sprouts, standing at attention for the sun

Potato sprouts, standing at attention for the sun

Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head sprouting? Plant him! (And don’t ask him where he is sprouting… That is too much information…)

Another winter update… Look at my poor potato plants. They want to burst out of their container, they are growing so much. Look at them standing up straight, reaching for the sun. They want to get outdoors and play. Sadly, the cold piles of snow are keeping them indoors…

Random punchline- “A dictator”

Ron White, AKA "Tater Salad"

Ron White, AKA “Tater Salad” – if he drank potato vodka instead of Scotch, it would be the circle of life (I guess he would need to crap potatoes too… bad analogy)

You may be asking, “Why the hell did you plant them in the first place, Dave?” Good question… Why did I plant them? It’s not like a shovel could even penetrate the frozen tundra outside. Perhaps you should have spoken to the potatoes before they started their sprouting. Then again, some things have a mind of their own. You just have to be adaptable and bury them in a warm, moist environment they’ll enjoy until they can be transplanted outdoors.

Random punchline- “Dude, the potato goes in the front!”

By the way, the huge snowstorm that hit the Northeast is probably my fault. My seeds were delivered a few hours before the snow began.

Random punchline- “No, they’re just that dirty.”

If everybody sends some warmth my way, these potatoes can be transplanted outdoors.

Oh, and send me a message if you want the inappropriate potato jokes that go with the posted punchlines.